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Privacy Policy

In accordance with the Law on customer data protection, customers of the Company may at any time exercise their right of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by email to Furthermore, in accordance with this legislation, it should be noted that the Company has a customer database, for the following purposes:

1. Information-update of the artistic activities of the Company and eventual presentation of new works. All this until it is explicitly allowed by the client.

2. Improved safety for the customer having to register. The Company shall not transfer in any way nor sell this information and keep it for a better quality of service and security.

Orders online

Unless otherwise specified, the Company requires the buyer to fill out the order form and required fields. All products are available online.
It is the buyer's responsibility to provide the Company the exact address for the shipment of the package.
Depending on the type of purchase by the buyer, the Company reserves the right to supply the goods from the place of Barcelona or the one at the exhibition MARY Assisi (PG) Italy (through the Cooperative Santa Maria delle Rose), or any other platform controlled by the Company. Shipping costs are automatically calculated each time, depending on the country of origin of the goods.
If the Company had wrongly sent to an address other than the one indicated by the buyer, it will pay the new transport to deliver to the correct address.
However, if the buyer had provided an incorrect address, the new shipment will be on his charge and executed upon return of the goods to the Company. Buyer is responsible to verify that orders are complete and notify the Company of any complaint within ten calendar days from receipt of goods. The buyer has the right to refuse delivery of the products that are damaged in origin and not due to transport because these damages are not responsibility of the Company. If damage is discovered after receipt of the shipment, the buyer must establish an online contact within ten calendar days from the date of receipt in order to get instructions from the Company on how to proceed. If there is a delay in the delivery of an order (usually not more than 20 days) the buyer must contact the Company to verify the location of the shipment. The buyer must facilitate identification number and date of order.

Payment methods accepted

Payment for all orders can be made online by credit card or by bank transfer. Bank drafts are not accepted.